Work gets in the way…


So, after our eventful summer I sadly have had to return to work! After only three shifts, two of them nights, I am already finding it not conducive with the lifestyle I have carved out for myself over the last five weeks whilst Harry has recuperated!!

Nights kill me, end of!! I do not sleep well inbetween my shifts and only had three hours after my last one, although that was because we were off to watch ‘This is us’, the film about One Direction,  it was fabulous despite having to wear my 3D glasses over my normal glasses!!

Sorry, back to the point! I am struggling to find my get up and get go today, I don’t think I should be too hard on myself as I am fully intending on going to Delamere Parkrun again tomorrow, hoping to improve on my time again!!

Last weeks Parkrun was a bittersweet result as, sadly my Grandmother passed away whilst I was running, this is what will spur me on tomorrow, she was a tough little lady who fought hard until the end, which at 97 is no mean feat!! Over the last week people have been very kind to us as a family and lots of ‘virtual’ friends have, independently, told me that, because of the timing, this makes my Gran my running angel now! I hope I can make her proud! I think she would approve of my motives for running, to raise awareness and money for The Joshua Tree, but she would also give some backhanded kind of compliment about whether or not I should be doing this sort of thing at my age!! On days like today, tired days, I feel like I agree with her!! 

I know from all the #MOTR comments on Facebook and Twitter that we all need a helping hand getting out of the door from time to time so I am not going to beat myself up, I am going to stay focused on the challenges that lie ahead, which now may include, in true butterfly style, a Duathlon at Oulton Park! The craziness continues…



Slightly above average…

So, having spent my whole life being pretty average I am now pleased to confirm that I am slightly above average in one category…age!! No great surprise there then!

I know this because I read this article…

The timing of this article was perfect. I had just been part of an interesting post on #MOTR discussing this very same topic, Triathlons not age, it actually started out about a choice of tattoo but who cares! What this conversation sparked in me was the strong belief that what I am aiming to achieve is not a ridiculous whim, that there are plenty more ‘me’s out there, all looking for a challenge but having to accept, at the same time, that we are not what we once were! At this point though I have to point out that I think I am at my fittest in 14 years (since I had my daughter)

My husband has been a rock, never doubting my ability to achieve what I want and, as always, offering me encouragement, support (eg cheering me up post-rubbish run and buying me a Garmin watch), working out new routes for me as my ability to run further improves and putting up with me being on Facebook and Twitter with my fellow #MOTR every evening, ALL evening… His biggest piece of advice has been to focus, stop flitting about from one idea to the next every time I see something new or somebody posts about what they’re doing… Focus is something I struggle with, I’ve always been a ‘Butterfly’ even at primary school it was mentioned, and even in my slightly above average age is something that still eludes me!

One thing I do know is that I’m loving the feeling I get from this new lifestyle, even the children are starting to think about joining me in some activities, Kate has said she will run in Lanzarote where no one knows her and now Harry is back in the saddle he is joining me on cool down rides or quick 5ks (on rest day…oops)!!

So if this is what slightly above average feels like I will quite happily settle for it, thank you kindly!! L x



Rest Days and Mums on the Run


So, having  started on my training plan for Challenge 1, The Major Series, I already have a day off!! This seems daft, and, when you’ve made the decision to start something and are chomping at the bit to go at it, somewhat frustrating!!

However, I do understand the importance of rest days, it allows you to restock your fuel levels, build strength, reduce fatigue and risk of overuse injuries, avoid mental burnout and help your body to repair itself! Pretty busy for a ‘rest’ day!

The slight issue I have with this is that, as my passion for all things health, fitness and fundraising has consumed me, my rest day has been full of all the ‘stuff’ I should be doing when I’m not googling events or following leads on Twitter and Facebook, Mums on the Run UK you have a lot to answer for!! Washing, shopping, changing beds etc, we have had our first family day out since Harry’s accident, this included a quick game of crazy golf and I’ve walked the dogs…again, pretty busy!!

Since I have started all this madness it is reassuring to know that I am not the only ‘Nutter’, as my husband so kindly puts it, in an affectionate way, out there!! I came across a Facebook group, the aforementioned Mums on the Run UK (#MOTR)!! Without sounding too gushing it is AWESOME!! I have found it an endless source of information, motivation and inspiration, not to mention hopefully acquiring some dazzling compression socks in the very near future! It has just over 650 members, from all walks of life, ranging from c25k runners to those who are competing in Ironman competitions and Ultra-marathons, like I said, inspirational!! The group brings people together, I have already hooked up with a fellow #MOTR who lives in the very next village, less than half a mile away, amazing considering the size of the group!! I discovered Parkrunuk through this group and have had support and advice regarding my asthma (post for another day) There is a website if you are interested, again offering information, competitions, social events and more! This has been invaluable to me as I’ve started on my venture…a BIG thank you ladies!!

So, although I have physically rested from training, mentally I have now planned a possible sprint Triathlon for 2015, something I mentioned to my husband at the start of all this and something I’m hoping he will join me in, I have been in conversation (virtually) with as I am going to be a contributor to their website, if I ever sort my untechnological-self out, and have, whilst composing this post received an email from another company who I may blog for!! All this and potential ambassador applications for various women’s fitness groups….watch this space!!

L x

New beginnings. New challenges.


First things first, for those of you who have read my previous blog “Thank you” for following me onto WordPress. For those of you who are new to me, allow me to introduce myself!!

I am Lisa, hurtling towards 40 and currently feeling the full force of a midlife crisis! This has mostly involved me setting myself a string of challenges, all for the charity I volunteer with The Joshua Tree. The challenges appear to be getting progressively harder, further distances, more obstacles, more mud!!

You find me having just started embarked on a training plan that will endeavour to prepare me for my first challenge – The Major Series!

This involves me, and a friend I’ve roped in, completing a 5k course, simple enough I hear you say!! Not at all, this is a 5k obstacle course, designed by British Armed Forces personnel, with obstacles that have names like Belchers Bog, Spike’s Mud Crawler and Snow’s Stench Trenches… Now do you see the appeal? No, me neither!

How did this all begin?

Well I started running in April after my daughter, Kate, agreed to participate in this years Race for Life on one condition, that I ran it all!! Forever the competitive mum I agreed!

This first challenge actually came at a pivotal time for me! I have always struggled with my weight and shortly before Kate laid down this gauntlet I had decided I needed to look at my approach weightloss and how I continue to manage my weight once I’ve reached my goal…Running was going to be my answer, and so it began.

I dug out my old trainers, dusted them off, found some leggings that I’d shrunk in the tumble dryer a while back and my old Race for Life Tshirt (to keep me focused on why I was doing) and I hit the road, I don’t appear to have looked back since!!

I am not the greatest, fastest or prettiest of runners, I quite often turn the same colour as my fuchsia pink Tshirt, I arrive home very sweaty and I’m sure my running style leaves a lot to be desired but I am out there, doing it, on a regular basis!! The weight has come off and appears to be staying off (Hallelujah)  and I am, slowly, improving!

This blog will follow my journey, towards 40, giving an honest account of my progress as I persevere, keeping in my head the mantra ‘Aim High, Reach Higher’ for myself, my family, my health and to, most importantly of all raise awareness of The Joshua Tree, in the hope that this will help them on their way to achieving their dream!!

Let the training commence…

L x