Slightly above average…

So, having spent my whole life being pretty average I am now pleased to confirm that I am slightly above average in one category…age!! No great surprise there then!

I know this because I read this article…

The timing of this article was perfect. I had just been part of an interesting post on #MOTR discussing this very same topic, Triathlons not age, it actually started out about a choice of tattoo but who cares! What this conversation sparked in me was the strong belief that what I am aiming to achieve is not a ridiculous whim, that there are plenty more ‘me’s out there, all looking for a challenge but having to accept, at the same time, that we are not what we once were! At this point though I have to point out that I think I am at my fittest in 14 years (since I had my daughter)

My husband has been a rock, never doubting my ability to achieve what I want and, as always, offering me encouragement, support (eg cheering me up post-rubbish run and buying me a Garmin watch), working out new routes for me as my ability to run further improves and putting up with me being on Facebook and Twitter with my fellow #MOTR every evening, ALL evening… His biggest piece of advice has been to focus, stop flitting about from one idea to the next every time I see something new or somebody posts about what they’re doing… Focus is something I struggle with, I’ve always been a ‘Butterfly’ even at primary school it was mentioned, and even in my slightly above average age is something that still eludes me!

One thing I do know is that I’m loving the feeling I get from this new lifestyle, even the children are starting to think about joining me in some activities, Kate has said she will run in Lanzarote where no one knows her and now Harry is back in the saddle he is joining me on cool down rides or quick 5ks (on rest day…oops)!!

So if this is what slightly above average feels like I will quite happily settle for it, thank you kindly!! L x




2 thoughts on “Slightly above average…

  1. Slightly above average. ๐Ÿ™‚ This makes me smile. I sometimes feel my dreams of someday running a half is a bit far fetched, (being older with three children), but just going out and trying? Makes us a little above average, don’t you think? Love this post!

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