Work gets in the way…


So, after our eventful summer I sadly have had to return to work! After only three shifts, two of them nights, I am already finding it not conducive with the lifestyle I have carved out for myself over the last five weeks whilst Harry has recuperated!!

Nights kill me, end of!! I do not sleep well inbetween my shifts and only had three hours after my last one, although that was because we were off to watch ‘This is us’, the film about One Direction,  it was fabulous despite having to wear my 3D glasses over my normal glasses!!

Sorry, back to the point! I am struggling to find my get up and get go today, I don’t think I should be too hard on myself as I am fully intending on going to Delamere Parkrun again tomorrow, hoping to improve on my time again!!

Last weeks Parkrun was a bittersweet result as, sadly my Grandmother passed away whilst I was running, this is what will spur me on tomorrow, she was a tough little lady who fought hard until the end, which at 97 is no mean feat!! Over the last week people have been very kind to us as a family and lots of ‘virtual’ friends have, independently, told me that, because of the timing, this makes my Gran my running angel now! I hope I can make her proud! I think she would approve of my motives for running, to raise awareness and money for The Joshua Tree, but she would also give some backhanded kind of compliment about whether or not I should be doing this sort of thing at my age!! On days like today, tired days, I feel like I agree with her!! 

I know from all the #MOTR comments on Facebook and Twitter that we all need a helping hand getting out of the door from time to time so I am not going to beat myself up, I am going to stay focused on the challenges that lie ahead, which now may include, in true butterfly style, a Duathlon at Oulton Park! The craziness continues…



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