The reason I am doing this…

Ok, so, not many people can pitch for custom at a funeral but the day we said “Goodbye” to my Gran proved to be an opportunity to raise awareness of my Running to 40 Challenge! Not instigated by me I hasten to add!!

My Dad has obviously been spreading the word amongst his walking buddies and Fridays gathering was the first time I had seen them. After what I, and my family, ¬†thought was a lovely service, well attended and the Vicar had spoken sincerely about my Gran and what a ‘character’ she was, we got together to celebrate her life. It was here that the subject of my lunacy was broached!

My Gran and my Mum and Dad are part of an incredibly strong church community, a community that Lynda, founder of The Joshua Tree, spoke to back in April. When I said this is who I am raising money I got a fantastic response and was offered space on their website…brilliant, my publicity campaign begins!

I am now the proud owner of a The Joshua Tree T-shirt, have got contact addresses for the Church, am going on the charity’s website and hopefully the local press!! I need to raise my game to raise some money!

The charity is heading for some really exciting times, times that I am proud to be part of in more ways than one, if my ‘running’ can help their incredibly worthy cause then even better!!

So, in amongst my training, work I now need to find time for publicity shoots…all I know is The Joshua Tree is more than worth the effort…




Now it really starts…


New school year resolution…Must Try Harder!!

My Running to 40 challenge becomes a reality this month, my race number has arrived and I really need to focus…not sure where to begin!!

Issues I am struggling with

a) Distance – I have improved my time on my 5k run, I’ve knocked 4 minutes off my first Parkrun time in 2 weeks, which I am pleased with, but I am finding it so tricky to run any further! When I am out on my I am so ready to get home…I think I need to push myself more, run 3k away from home and then I’ve got to run back?? Any advice??

b) Decision making – what to focus on? Triathlon? Duathlon? Mud runs? Obstacle races?…..

c) Fundraising – how to improve my campaign!! The Joshua Tree is such a fabulous charity and I want to raise awareness of them as well as raise money for them.

d) Training plan – I think I know this answer to this already but all advice greatly received, focus on 10k first then move up to Half plan? Cross train, particularly if Tri/Du are focus? Upper body strength improvement tips?

e) Quality time – spend more time doing and less discussing on social networks!! I feel I talk a good job at the moment and even my Teen, whose phone is never more than an inch away from her hand, thinks I’m being, and I quote, “Anti-Sociable”…I must be bad!!

The last few weeks have been tough but along with my son, who asked if he could make a new school year resolution, I feel I must now raise my game, pull my socks up and get a grip!! My next blog will be full of positive…