Now it really starts…


New school year resolution…Must Try Harder!!

My Running to 40 challenge becomes a reality this month, my race number has arrived and I really need to focus…not sure where to begin!!

Issues I am struggling with

a) Distance – I have improved my time on my 5k run, I’ve knocked 4 minutes off my first Parkrun time in 2 weeks, which I am pleased with, but I am finding it so tricky to run any further! When I am out on my I am so ready to get home…I think I need to push myself more, run 3k away from home and then I’ve got to run back?? Any advice??

b) Decision making – what to focus on? Triathlon? Duathlon? Mud runs? Obstacle races?…..

c) Fundraising – how to improve my campaign!! The Joshua Tree is such a fabulous charity and I want to raise awareness of them as well as raise money for them.

d) Training plan – I think I know this answer to this already but all advice greatly received, focus on 10k first then move up to Half plan? Cross train, particularly if Tri/Du are focus? Upper body strength improvement tips?

e) Quality time – spend more time doing and less discussing on social networks!! I feel I talk a good job at the moment and even my Teen, whose phone is never more than an inch away from her hand, thinks I’m being, and I quote, “Anti-Sociable”…I must be bad!!

The last few weeks have been tough but along with my son, who asked if he could make a new school year resolution, I feel I must now raise my game, pull my socks up and get a grip!! My next blog will be full of positive…


4 thoughts on “Now it really starts…

  1. Great post! I think you’re asking the same questions that a lot of us struggle with. Not sure I can help, but here’s my tuppence worth…
    a. have you tried changing your routes up? Maybe looking at different sights, etc might be a distraction, making the distance pass more easily?
    b. Do you need too decide, or is it an option to ‘try’ each, or a mix of thee, before focusing? Just have fun with new experiences? Probably worth doing this before taking the ‘plunge’ and buying a tri-bike?
    c. Rope in family & friends to help with this one!
    d That’s what I did- got the 10k under my belt, with solid training, then moved onto the half. I’ve now switched back to 10k training for autumn- but following a tougher plan than I used to use. I like the Nike training plans, available from the Nike Running facebook page πŸ™‚
    e. If you get this balance, tell me know you’ve done it!
    Hope this is even a small help! πŸ˜€

  2. Great post, thank you so much for linking it up to my blog! I must cast my vote for triathlons. Although I have also recently discovered aquathlons which I love! As far as motivation goes, you’re doing well at finding that through MOTR πŸ™‚ I love the site and it always makes me feel guilty when I don’t go out for a run!

  3. Great post. I’ve been running forever – since I was 20 and I’m VERY NEARLY 40. I have my next half marathon next week. I’ve never followed a plan or supplemented with other exercise – I’ve just built up my distance gradually and it works. Build up, stick with that distance for a few weeks until you feel comfortable and then build it up again. Running to music and running with an app like RunKeeper also helps.
    Popping over from Clairejustine – I have a running post on there too!

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