Recovery to Run


My new trainers, bought specifically for my half marathon training.

However, it is with great sadness that I return to the blog! Not because I don’t want to write but because at the moment I can’t run πŸ˜₯

This has been a massive source of frustration for me! I’m not entirely sure what happened but it appears I have slipped a disc! Rubbish timing as it happened 7 weeks before my 1st Half Marathon…gutted does not even cover it!

Rewind a bit. Progress was going to plan. I was steadily increasing my mileage, doing 2 short runs(2-3 miles), a 5-6 miler midweek and ramping up the mileage at the weekend, I never thought I would say this but I loved my long runs!!

8 mile weekend was great, beat my 10k record in the process and felt great (Garmin record 8.3 miles) and survived. Stretch session done and uneventful use of energy gel to boot, good news! Followed up by a dog walk, energetic day! Then came Monday….

As the day progressed my mobility worsened, an intense pain had settled in my lower back…bam! And that was it, Tuesday was agony but the desire to continue training was bigger. Emergency phone call to Physiotherapist!

It was Friday before I could be seen, sensibly I didn’t run on the Wednesday! By the time Friday came my back was a solid wall of knots/ muscle spasm 😁 It was so tight the physio couldn’t really identify where the issue was!! I begged him to fix me so that I could keep training πŸ™

So, I followed advice and only ran 2, very tentative, miles on the Sunday (should have been 9) and returned, hoping for good news, on the Monday!

No change 😠! A bit of manipulation and away I went, the words “Tread carefully but keep going” ringing in my ears! 4 miles midweek, more physio, long run planned for weekend!

I did it, double figures! 10 miles in the bag and I could still walk, talk and breathe!! I felt AWESOME!

Wednesday, twinges again 😩Planned run shortened to 3 miles, the last mile of which my training buddy said “You’re limping” I was trying to ignore it!! Sadly that was the last time I ran, now over a fortnight ago!!

I had to be realistic, sensible and rest (mostly because Mr W said so…I hate it when he’s right). So with tail between my legs I hobbled to the GP to see if they could help…why on earth would I think that??!!

To cut a long story short, painkillers (some of which resulted in me vomiting in a dog poo bag on my way to work, a particular high point) and more physio, for which I have to wait 4 weeks which will be 8 weeks from initial onset and the admission, mostly to myself, that I would not be able to participate in my Half Marathon which was supposed to help me celebrate my 40th! Incredibly disappointing πŸ˜”

So, after 2 weeks of feeling thoroughly miserable, I have decided to get a grip and focus on the best path of recovery to ensure that before the end of the year I can run a half marathon, I have even had someone offer to run it with me!! (Thanks KF).

imageThis post marks the start of my new attitude, I am going to motivate myself why writing about my progress as I am only going to move forward from this point onwards…regular updates to follow!

Have you suffered an injury? How did you recover? Did you come back stronger? I’d love to hear your stories

L x


2 thoughts on “Recovery to Run

  1. Oh, that’s just rubbish, but I can sympathise. Your first half marathon will still be awesome, it’ll just be different to the original plan, is all. Love the positive attitude! πŸ™‚

  2. I really do feel for you as I know the pain of injury, thankfully you’ve stopped early enough and hopefully you’ll recover sensibly. I’m a bit sillier I tend to just keep running even though I know I’ve got some problems kicking around in my back and hips. The best advice I can give (and not take) is listen to your body, come back only when you are 100% and then burn through a half marathon in record time! The frustrations will be many but you’ll find blogging and things like the Twitter community a great source of support.

    And you never know the physio might instruct you to try something like aqua jogging – which is a great excuse for new kit and a waterproof MP3 player.

    Best of luck in recovery

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