New beginnings. New challenges.


First things first, for those of you who have read my previous blog “Thank you” for following me onto WordPress. For those of you who are new to me, allow me to introduce myself!!

I am Lisa, hurtling towards 40 and currently feeling the full force of a midlife crisis! This has mostly involved me setting myself a string of challenges, all for the charity I volunteer with The Joshua Tree. The challenges appear to be getting progressively harder, further distances, more obstacles, more mud!!

You find me having just started embarked on a training plan that will endeavour to prepare me for my first challenge – The Major Series!

This involves me, and a friend I’ve roped in, completing a 5k course, simple enough I hear you say!! Not at all, this is a 5k obstacle course, designed by British Armed Forces personnel, with obstacles that have names like Belchers Bog, Spike’s Mud Crawler and Snow’s Stench Trenches… Now do you see the appeal? No, me neither!

How did this all begin?

Well I started running in April after my daughter, Kate, agreed to participate in this years Race for Life on one condition, that I ran it all!! Forever the competitive mum I agreed!

This first challenge actually came at a pivotal time for me! I have always struggled with my weight and shortly before Kate laid down this gauntlet I had decided I needed to look at my approach weightloss and how I continue to manage my weight once I’ve reached my goal…Running was going to be my answer, and so it began.

I dug out my old trainers, dusted them off, found some leggings that I’d shrunk in the tumble dryer a while back and my old Race for Life Tshirt (to keep me focused on why I was doing) and I hit the road, I don’t appear to have looked back since!!

I am not the greatest, fastest or prettiest of runners, I quite often turn the same colour as my fuchsia pink Tshirt, I arrive home very sweaty and I’m sure my running style leaves a lot to be desired but I am out there, doing it, on a regular basis!! The weight has come off and appears to be staying off (Hallelujah) ¬†and I am, slowly, improving!

This blog will follow my journey, towards 40, giving an honest account of my progress as I persevere, keeping in my head the mantra ‘Aim High, Reach Higher’ for myself, my family, my health and to, most importantly of all raise awareness of The Joshua Tree, in the hope that this will help them on their way to achieving their dream!!

Let the training commence…

L x